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1/32nd Production Challenge, F2 and Club Team Race 15th and 16th Julyat our NationalSlot Racing Centre Corby, NN17 5LX

July 15th and 16th
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Production Challenge
The weekend’s racing commences with 1/32nd Production Challenge, open to all grades of driver, and Intro Genesis for Clubman grade drivers.
Cars are Production Sports or Super Production Sports for all drivers, except that Clubman grade drivers can choose these cars or choose to race in the Clubman sub-class with Intro/Genesis cars.
Formula 2
The F2 class allows a free choice of chassis but has a limited choice of standard motors - just about all the cars are usually powered by either a JK Hawk 7 or 7BB motor.
Club Team Race
Club Teams can consist of 4 drivers from the same club, or 3 drivers from a club plus an Independent from the same area. Each 4 driver team has a total of 3 hours running time - 22min 30 sec on each lane each driver runs on 2 lanes.

Teams of 4 drivers that are not from the same Club/Area are welcome to enter but not eligible for the Title.


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Production Challenge - 2022
Formula 2 - 2022
Club Team Race - 2022
Club Team Championship and Production Challenge   15-16 July
Saturday Production Challenge            for Super Production / Genesis and F2:
Sunday National Club Team Championship.
CREATED by Kev Gray

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